Kings University College appreciates the role of its alumni in the development of the University.

The University further acknowledges that the cost of postgraduate education discourages many people from continuing with their education after obtaining their First Degrees.

In view of this, the Kings University College intends to offer bursaries to its alumni to encourage them to further their studies to the postgraduate level at Kings University College in Ghana or at Liaoning University in China.






The objective of the Kings University College Bursary for its Alumni, is to support and encourage them to enrol at KUC/UCC affiliation, or KUC/LNU Affiliation with 20% Bursary to:

  • Assist in payment of fees

  • Enable them pursue post graduate education under KUC/UCC Affiliation, KUC/LNU Affiliation

  • To strengthen the existing relationship between management and alumni of the University.

  • To lessen the plight of KUC alumni in paying their school fees

  • To inspire commitment of  alumni to the University

  • Contribute to the enhancement of education in Ghana

  • As a social responsibility of the University towards its alumni





To be eligible for the KUC Alumni Bursary Award, the candidate must:

  • Have completed his/her undergraduate degree at KUC;

  • Have attained a minimum of second class-lower at the undergraduate degree level;

  • Have applied for and gained admission to a postgraduate degree at KUC;

  • Have no outstanding school fees to settle;

  • Have returned all KUC library books in his/her possession to the library;

  • Be a registered member of KUC Alumni; a

  • Be an existing level 400 students




The Kings University College Bursary Award shall be for qualified KUC Alumni to pursue their postgraduate programmes under KUC/UCC affiliated programmes, and KUC/LNU affiliated programmes. The bursary may be awarded every year at the discretion of the president of the Kings University College.

  • KUC/UCC Affiliated Programmes:

The bursary shall be a 20% waiver on all tuition fees charged for the postgraduate and Law degree programmes tenable at Kings University College.


  • KUC/LNU Affiliated Programmes:

The bursary shall be a 20% waiver on all tuition fees charged for the postgraduate and Law degree programmes tenable at Kings University College.Direct Entry to LNU:

  • No Bursary

Kings University shall facilitate admission process into Liaoning University.



The offer of bursary is for the payment of school fees at KUC/UCC, & KUC/LNU and cannot be redeemed as cash by the beneficiary or transferred to other institutions.

An eligible candidate can also opt to directly enroll at the Liaoning University with Kings University facilitating the admission process, thus this option is without a bursary.

Further, the bursary is not transferable to a third party and cannot be redeemed when the beneficiary discontinues his/her studies at the Kings University College or Liaoning University.


After the initial 20% deduction on their tuition fees, an Alumnus who is not a government worker or workers of financial institutions shall pay the remaining balance of their tuition fees for the first year by the instalments indicated below:

  • 50% on registration

  • 25% one month after registration

  • 25% two months after registration.



An Alumnus who is a government worker or worker of financial institutions can refer to our flexible fee payment plan for alternate payment method.

Fees Structure For a Year:


Postgraduate Programmes