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The library represents a significant information centre which is important to any academic institution. In view of this realisation, KUC library was set up with the intention of providing information resources that will help to satisfy students’ research and information needs and create a vibrant environment to facilitate effective teaching and learning.



The library’s mission is to develop and maintain an excellent library collection capable of supporting, facilitating and stimulating research growth of the University community. It does so by:


  • Building, maintaining and preserving diverse information resources to support teaching, and research needs of the University;

  • Offering qualitative services to the University community and other external scholars;

  • Providing  digital innovations for access to global information network;

  • Providing user-friendly learning environment that situates the Library as the hub for all academic and research activities in the University;

  • Transforming research and learning through the creation of digital libraries, and open access awareness

  • Providing patrons with instruction and assistance needed to efficiently use the Library’s resources.





The focus of the Library’s collection is to provide the materials different formats that will be beneficial to patrons in their day-to-day study and research. To this end the library stocks material in both print and electronic formats.


Print Collection

The print collection consists of textbooks, serials, periodicals and journals and spans on all the courses on offer at KUC (i.e. Business Administration and Management, Law, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Accounting and Economics. Also included are, corporate reports, government documents and United Nations Publications


Electronic Collection

The electronic collection consists of DVDs and CDs, online resources (The Law Pavilion, consisting of statutes, reports and judgements of the Nigerian courts) as well access to the LMU Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and a host of open access on-line resources available to students for research purposes


The library also stocks newspapers, past questions and students’ dissertations and project works for reference purposes.




The Library is opened to all members of the university community and operates from;

  • 8.00 am to 8.00pm (Mondays – Fridays)

  • 9.00 am to 6.00pm (Saturdays)





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