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Kings University College, is pleased to announce, for the information of all concerned, the launch of its Undergraduate Scholarship Challenge, and Graduate Business Challenge programmes.


The Challenge programmes are KUC’s merit–based model for alleviating financial impediments to education for hardworking and talented individuals who wish to pursue a university education. Under both Challenge programmes, a total of 1,200 bursaries covering twenty percent (20%) of tuition fees, being GH₡800 per year for undergraduate programmes in Law, Business and Computer Engineering, and GH₡1,800 per year for the MBA programme, are available for the 2016/2017 academic year.


The bursary is US$800 for foreign students enrolled in the undergraduate law degree programme, US$600, for foreign students in all other undergraduate degree programmes, and US$800 for foreign students enrolled in the MBA degree programme.

The bursary is valid for up to four years of undergraduate studies, and up to two years of post-graduate study.

To qualify for an award you must

  1. complete and submit an application form (available on the KUC website under Scholarship Challenge, or at KUC),

  2. take the Scholarship Challenge test,

  3. enroll at KUC  or, if you are awaiting your WASSCE results, provide proof that you have taken the WASSCE, then enroll at KUC when you receive your results, and

  4. satisfy any other requirements specified on the KUC website.


The window for registering to take the challenge opens on May 16, 2016. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to study for degrees in law, computer engineering or business administration at one of Ghana’s leading private universities.

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