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The Management of Kings University College wishes to remind all foreign students from Nigeria that its policy on payment of school fees in naira remains unchanged.


The Kings University College has signed an MOU with the UBA bank the implementation of which will enable KUC students from Nigeria to pay their school fees in naira at the official foreign exchange rate at all UBA branches in Nigeria.


However, LMU law students are required to pay tuition fees in pounds sterling.


In view of delays in the implementation of the MOU with UBA, we are giving all foreign students special dispensation to pay their fees in Naira or United States Dollar, or pounds sterling, by October 15, 2016 by which we believe the UBA payment procedures will be completed.


Foreign students can therefore report to school and make arrangement to pay their fees by October 15, 2016 in any of the three currencies, as stated in this document.


The details of the school fee payment procedure at the UBA bank branches across Nigeria will be communicated to students in due course.




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