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Kings University College in its efforts to increase access to tertiary education in Ghana has established a Flexible Fee Payment Plan for members of the Private Universities Students’ Association of Ghana (PUSAG) across the country.


The objective of the KUC Flexible Fee Payment Plan is to support and encourage PUSAG members who enrol at KUC with flexible fee-payment options.



The policy is intended for PUSAG members who enrol at Kings University College.



The Kings University College Bursary Award shall be for qualified PUSAG members to pursue their postgraduate programme under KUC/UCC affiliated programmes, and KUC/LNU affiliated programmes. The bursary may be awarded every year at the discretion of the president of the Kings University College.


Further, the bursary is not transferable to a third party and cannot be redeemed when the beneficiary discontinues with studies at the Kings University College.



After the initial 20% deduction on tuition fees, PUSAG members who gain admission into the postgraduate degree programme at KUC will by this policy enjoy a flexible fee payment plan for the payment of their school fees.


The flexible fee payment plan will apply to PUSAG members in two categories as indicated below.


PUSAG Members who are Non-Governmental/Non-Financial Institution Workers

After the initial 20% deduction on their tuition fees, PUSAG members who are not government workers or workers of financial institutions will pay the remaining balance of their tuition fees for the first year by the instalments indicated below:

  • 50% on registration

  • 25% one month after registration

  • 25% two months after registration.



PUSAG members who are government workers and workers of financial institutions can refer to our flexible fee payment plan for alternate payment method

  Fees Structure For a Year:

  Postgraduate Programmes












Undergraduate- 3 Year Law Program

NB. Students will pay for accommodation and meals separately.



Students who enroll at KUC under the Flexible Fee Plan may study any of the under listed programmes;


Undergraduate Programmes Affiliated to University of Cape Coast, Ghana,

 The following undergraduate programmes are affiliated to the University of Cape Coast;


Undergraduate Business Programmes

  • BSc Business Administration (Accounting Option)

  • BSc Business Administration (Human Resource Management Option)

  • BSc Business Administration (Marketing Option)

  • BSc Business Administration (Banking & Finance Option)

  • BSc Business Administration (Economics Option)


Undergraduate Computer Science and Engineering Programmes


  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


 The Law Programme

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Degree

The duration of the University of Cape Coast affiliated undergraduate business, computer science and law programme is four years. On successful completion of the undergraduate programme, students will be awarded the relevant undergraduate degree by the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. 


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