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To pay your Fees with Visa / Master card follow the steps below

  • STUDENT LOGS ON TO   www.interpayafrica/kuc/  (this will be made available after setup)

  • Student logs on to the wallet or wallet portal with his INDEX NUMBER

  • Student creates his password by clicking on reset password or password provided

  • Student clicks on the WALLET menu icon on the left hand side of the portal opened



  • Student clicks on top up by credit card

  • Student selects the preferred card type to use i.e VISA OR MASTERCARD by clicking on it

  • Student selects the preferred

  • Student  enters the amount he /she wants to recharge his / wallet with in the recharge amount field

  • After keying the recharge amount you want to load into your wallet you click submit

  • Follow through on the  user friendly instructions and enter your card details as requested on the page

Not forgetting your CVV last three digit number at the back of your VISA/Mastercard

  • After providing all this details, student or parent clicks Pay on the lower right corner of the page .

  • Server will verify your payments

  • when payment is successful you will be given a prompt on the sceen

  • Student can now go to the main menu on the dashboard and select on the paymandatory fees and disburse payment of his fees


NB: please make sure you have enough funds on your mastercard and visacard before you load your wallet

2.and your card should be verified by visa. AS THIS IS A EASILY ACTIVATED BY YOUR ISSUEING BANK.of the card

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