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Kings holds 5th Congregation & 9th Matriculation Ceremonies

The Kings University College on Saturday, February 29, 2020 held her 5th Congregation and 9th Matriculation ceremonies at its main campus at Aplaku Hills Weija, Accra.  The Theme for the ceremony was: “Consolidating Our Gains: The Impact of the Free Senior High School Policy on Private Universities in Ghana”.

About 130 graduands were awarded Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Bachelor of Laws degree, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees.  Prof. Ernest Davis, the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Vice Chancellor’s representative conferred the degrees on the graduands of KUC at the ceremony.


The ceremony also witnessed the formal admission of over 300 fresh students of the 2019/2020 academic year as Junior Members of the University. These fresh students have been admitted into various schools and faculties to pursue programmes in Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Bachelor of Laws degree.


Dr. Felix Kwame Semavor, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Regents of Kings University College chaired the ceremony.  In his welcome address, Dr. Semavor thanked the University of Cape Coast and the National Accreditation Board for their immerse support to KUC.


The Guest of Honour for the occasion Mr. Bruce Wallace Cathline, Managing Partner of Minkah Premo & Co, spoke on the theme for the ceremony, and commended the Government for the Free SHS initiative. He indicated that the Free Senior High School Policy is an educational policy launched by the Government of Ghana in September 2017. He said the Policy’s basic objective is to ensure that every child who qualifies for and is placed in a public Senior High School for his/her secondary education will have his/her fees absorbed by the government.


In his address on how the Free SHS policy can significantly impact the private tertiary educational landscape of our country, Mr. Cathline said that the major effect of the expansion of private tertiary education in Ghana has been the ability to increase access to higher education for the teeming youth of the country. He however, added that the major challenge confronting most private universities, particularly in recent times, is the low students’ enrolments. This according to him is mainly due to the fact that the public universities absorb most of the qualified applicants who pass out of the Senior High Schools leaving very few numbers for the many private universities to compete for. He also said that there is an expected increase in demand into tertiary institutions, especially private universities from the increased enrolment in Free SHS so private universities must regroup and assess their capacity and ability to engage these students. She urged private universities to consider mergers although they may have different objectives for their establishments.


In his conclusion, Mr. Cathline said that private universities have become an integral part of the tertiary educational equilibrium of Ghana and private institutions must, at all times examine various government policies that relate to the educational sector  and take advantage of the opportunities that such initiatives present to them.


President of KUC, Prof. Albert Addo-Quaye in his annual report mentioned that Congregations are very important events in the life of a university, as every Congregation marks an important milestone. He further thanked the Vice Chancellor of the mentor university, the University of Cape Coast, for sending a Representative to confer degrees on our accomplished students.


 In his advice to Graduands and Matriculants, Prof. Albert Addo-Quaye reiterated that the joint ceremony of awarding academic degrees to graduands from our various schools and faculties while admitting fresh students to fill the vacancies created by the graduands propagates KUC’s tradition of excellence. He therefore charged all our graduands, that as degrees are conferred on them they should not relent in their desires to attain excellence and greatness in life; they should continue in their pursuit of greater academic laurels and to be worthy ambassadors of KUC wherever they find yourselves.


Prof Albert Addo-Quaye addressing the Matriculants encouraged them to be guided in their academic pursuits in Kings University College by the University’s core values of excellence, integrity, creativity, innovation, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. He also added that they should work hard to attain their goal for coming to the University.


Prof Albert Addo-Quaye reported that currently, KUC has one school and three faculties, namely:

(1)        Kings Business School

(2)        Faculty of Business Administration

(3)        Faculty of Law, Governance and International Relations, and

(4)        Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering


He went on to say that Kings University College launched a special programme called the Pre-University Programme (PUP). The PUP is a one-year programme designed to prepare candidates who are unable to gain direct entry into the university due to their inability to satisfy the minimum requirements. The PUP, thus, serves as a stepping stone onto any of the degree programmes being offered at the university.


Speaking on KUC’s international collaboration, Prof. Albert Addo-Quaye reported that in 2017, the National Accreditation Board approved a collaboration agreement between Kings University College and the Liaoning University (LNU), one of the prominent tertiary institutions in China. He said that under the KUC-LNU Collaboration, students of Kings University College pursuing an undergraduate programme of study spend their first two years at Kings University College and their final two years at LNU in China.  Also, students pursuing any of the postgraduate programmes on offer spend one year at Kings University College and their final one-and-a-half years at LNU in China. He also reported that currently four graduates from KUC who were beneficiaries of a scholarship programme under the KUC-LNU Collaboration and pursued their postgraduate studies at LNU in China have completed their programme in January 2020.


Speaking on financial aid to students, Prof. Albert Addo-Quaye said that from August 2019, the Kingdom of God Foundation, instituted a Scholarship Awards Scheme to assist brilliant but needy students to gain admission into Kings University College. The objective of the Scholarship Scheme is to assist over 1,000 students who satisfy the requirements to access tertiary education at Kings University College to be admitted on a 50% scholarship.

The beneficiaries of the Kingdom of God Foundation (300 students) who were matriculated were presented with the scholarship award certificate at the ceremony

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